Invoking Hook - Control-H

I’ve only recently installed and starting using Hook, and am loving it so far. However, last night I believing that Hook was running, I pressed Control-H in Apple Mail, and deleted an email. Not realizing that I’d actually deleted anything, and that the Hook dialog window hadn’t shown, I pressed Control-H again. It was then that I realized that I’d deleted 2 emails when I’d pressed Control-H. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I was unable to locate the 2 deleted emails, as they weren’t in the Trash folder.

To that end, I’d really like to change the keyboard shortcut for invoking Hook, but when I attempt to in Hook’s Preferences, the option is dimmed and unchangeable. How can I change this keyboard shortcut?


You can modify the shortcut as follows:

(1) Disable “control+H” shortcut by checking off the checkbox for this shortcut
(2) Enable “Show Hook context window (additional shortcut)” shortcut by checking on the checkbox for this shortcut.
(3) Type desired shortcut in additional shortcut text field.

Thank you for using Hook!

In the field “Show Hook context window”, we are given a choice to edit “^H” via an input field. However, if we change that value, the new value will not stick, it reverts back to “^H” once you navigate away and back to the “Shortcuts” tab. This behaviour is confusing.

If the value of the field is not changed able we should not be given an editable field.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @tangapollo. Thanks for pointing out the bug there.

Hi, I’m half-hijacking this thread, I hope it’s fine: just this morning I changed the additional shortcut to bring Hook’s context window with Control-Command-H. Why? So that I might be able to keep one of my fingers on the Command key and then add e.g. C or V (CMD-C / CMD-V). It makes for a much more intuitive, less jumpy keyboard shortcut sequence:

Ctrl-Cmd-H → (release Ctrl and H, but keep pressing on Cmd) -C