Invoke Hook's context window with Spotlight

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The Hook’s preferences say that it’s possible to invoke the Hook’s context window with Spotlight-like applications. And indeed, if I type Hookmark and press Enter in Spotlight search bar I can see the Hook’s context window

Tho, it’s losing the active window context and shows No linkable item found in Hookmark, maybe I’m doing something wrong here?

I’m interested in this feature because default window shortcuts and me are not friends, ^-h is the backspace keystroke in macOS and cmd-shift-space is a bit to much of a hand-stretch :sweat_smile:

Hi @elfenlaid . Thanks for pointing this out. When we wrote that there were few x-callback-url integrations. We need to update the documentation to mention that invocation via launchers and Spotlight currently works with AppleScript controlled apps but not with x-callback-url apps. And we should have a table of that. The other current limitation of x-callback-url pertains to the menu bar icon’s “hooked status” badge, i.e., doesn’t work at the moment with x-callback-url apps: i.e., apps that Hookmark controls with x-callback-url. Examples: Agenda, Obsidian, Craft and Drafts. x-callback-url is nice for and gives cross-platform advantages, but AppleScript is better (an underrated feature of macOS).

Having said that our task list includes improving the x-callback-url app support.

The Show Hookmark context window (additional shortcut) in Hook > Preferences > Shortcuts is configurable. You can set it to anything you’d like.

yes, that’s an unfortunate conflict I agree. Nice for users who don’t rely on ⌃H for backspace because it’s so easy to remember and type; but not helpful for those who do. That’s partly why we provide two keyboard shortcuts.

11:52 AM. Updated to replace term “launchbar” with “launchers”. I expect this to apply to Raycast and Alfred.

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Got it, many thanks for such a detailed explanation :bowing_man:

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