Invoke Hookmark, first hooked item not pre-selected

Recently when I invoke Hookmark on a hooked item (A), the first item hooked to A (i.e.) B isn’t pre-selected. That is, I can no longer invoke Hookmark (I use Meh-J) and simply hit Enter to open the first hooked item.

In the Hookmark “bar” (not sure what it’s called—not the menubar thing, I mean the Alfred-like little thing that pops up), item A is highlighted blue. I have to arrow down to item B in order to open it.

I feel sure that this didn’t used to be the case. Has anyone else seen this? (I’m using Hookmark 6.1.)

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I have the same problem.

Hi. Yes we changed the design in Hookmark five

If you have questions about our rationale or how it works please ask

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emm. I bought Hookmark on 2023.4.10. I could hit return keyboard to open the first hooked link directly in 2023. But now I cannot.

Huh, yeah, that’s quite odd. I can’t quickly determine when Hookmark 5 was released, but as noted I’m using 6.1, and I see that 6 came out in October. I use Hookmark all day, and I feel sure that the behaviour I’m describing only started a matter of weeks ago. I guess somehow I skipped 5 and went straight to 6.1? I usually update my software as soon as stable releases are available. Anyway.

Point 2: I’m kinda getting used to the new behaviour. I actually agree that it’s a clean and consistent UI. It’s just hard to avoid the fact that 99% of the time that I invoke Hookmark, it’s to open the first hooked item from my present item. But it’s . . . ok this way.