[INVALIDATED at 2019-02-11 18:29 PT] Hook 1.0-public beta build 1999 is now available (2019-02-11)

Announcing a new version of Hook beta: Version 1.0-beta (1999) built 2019-02-11


ID Comp Summary
3084 Integrat Bookend integration bug
2809 InputW: Do not draw a grey line above or below the selected menu item
3088 Default Devmate crash report


ID Comp Summary
2948 InputW: Additional shortcut for “Link to Copied Address”

Update fails

The download site has only 1993.

Thank you @quorm for letting me know.!

I’ve now fixed the Download – Hook page.

I must update our release process.

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Same here. When I use Hook’s option to check for updates, I get “An error occurred while extracting the archive.”

Oh, I updated the download page. And that DMG extracts fine.

i read too fast. I now see it’s the in-app extractor that has a problem. I have replicated the error. Sorry for delay. we are on it.

well, until we sort out the in-app update, users should be able to download directly from https://hookproductivity.com/download . I did test the URL, and the build available from it (1999).

OK. I’ve disabled 1999 from devmate and changed the download page to not refer to 1999.

1999 had some junk meta-data in it (my bad) which caused the update from prior builds to fail. (I had dropped the .dSYM file into the “delta” well rather than the .dSYM well on DevMate.)

But if you have build 1999, you can still use it. It’s got some bug fixes. We will roll out a new DMG this evening that has no real software changes in it compared to build 1999 – just so that we can fix the associated meta-data.

SORRY for the confusion. But thank you for your patience in helping us get these these processes down pat during our beta phase.

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