IntelliJ 2021.3 - unable to get link

Trying to use Hook in IntelliJ, and I get “No linkable item found in IntelliJ” when I have a code editor focused with an open file. While it’s failing, a small window named “Paste Stack” opens, and appears to have whatever I had on my clipboard. I can’t see a purpose it serves however, and it stays open after Hook dismisses itself.

Sorry for the trouble.
I could not reproduce the problem.
Because IntelliJ does not support AppleScript, Hook uses UI script to get the file url.

It uses shift+command+c shortcut to get the file path.

Is this shortcut is taken already on your machine?

Also, what’s “Paste Stack” window? Is it a IntelliJ window? Could you please post a screenshot here?

Thank you

I think I figured it out - I use Paste as a clipboard manager, and it has registered cmd+shift+c as a global shortcut.

Is it possible to not rely on keyboard shortcuts in your applescripts? IntelliJ, and all of the jetbrains IDEs are extensible and have APIs you could more reasonably use. IntelliJ Platform SDK | IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK

Thank you!

We will have a look