Integration with Trickster

Can someone give me a clearer idea of how I use trickster to link hooked files. I have the latest versions of both apps. I do one way links from from one file and copy the hook link to another (file B). File B shows up in the trickster modified list , but there is no hook icon by the file. I thought there should be, am I wrong? How is all this supposed to work? can someone give me an example - I’m having a terrible time getting my head around this linking stuff.

Hi Chris. Trickster developer here. Trickster might not refresh the links immediately but I noticed if I just went and highlighted the hooked file in Trickster, then the icon appeared. It’s possible that it’ll also reappear if you close and open Trickster’s window or scroll away.
If it doesn’t, and you invoke Hook on the selected file (so B in your case) in Trickster using Hook’s shortcut, does Hook show the other hooked file (A)?

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