Integration with

I am trying to get Hook to work with Reflect adds an http to any links which opens Safari and shows a “server not found” error.

There’s a workaround on Reflect’s discord server using Better Touch Tool, but I haven’t got it to work.

Wondering if there is any workaround the Hookmark community is aware of?

I clicked on that discord link but it says the channel does not exist. Perhaps it is not open to every one.

This is the post:

And the attached files:

There were a few other mentions of Hookmark on the Discord, so it seems there is interest in getting this working. I’ve asked the developers about the status.

I had a look at the BTT presets and the way they work is extremely hacky (it basically tries to drive the UI to the command palette and paste the note ID that is extracted from a shareable link).

I’ve also gotten an official reply on Discord to say that there is no deep linking at the moment.

I think our best bet at the moment is to upvote these: