Integration with Notenik note-taking app

Notenik is a free note-taking app made specifically for macOS. It has been around for a few years and was featured in Issue 310 of MacStories Weekly (2022-03-04). It stores its notes as plain text files, “You can format your notes using Markdown, with support for footnotes, citations, definition lists and MathJax. Use wiki-style double bracket notation to link from one note to another. Automatically generate a Table of Contents for a single long note, or for an entire collection of notes.”

Its developer, Herb Bowie (@herbbowie) / Twitter, today made his app linkable.

Herb even donated integration scripts which you’ll find on APIs for Hook Integration.

Get Address

The following script can be placed beneath the Get Address tab in the Scripts section of Hook Preferences.

tell application "Notenik"
	if HasSelectedNote then
		set theTitle to GetSelectedNoteTitle
		set theUrl to GetSelectedNoteBacklink
		return "[" & theTitle & "](" & theUrl & ")"
	end if
end tell

This script allows Hook to ask for the Title and the Backlink (see Custom URL Scheme) of the last Note to be selected. This information then allows Hook to later communicate with Notenik in order to pull up that same Note.

New Item

The following script can be placed beneath the New Item tab in the Scripts section of Hook Preferences.

tell application "Notenik"
	return AddNote title "$title" link "$user_link" tags "hook"
end tell

This script also returns the backlink to the Note of interest.

Tips for Hook Integration

You will want to make sure the Timestamp field is included on any Collection you wish to use with Hook. This field allows Hook to reference a Note even if it has been renamed.

I did a first quick round of testing the integration and found it works well though in one case the Hook to New may have failed to establish the Hook. We need to look more carefully before sharing this on the integration server.

If anyone would like to try we’d appreciate your feedback.

Herb Bowie, Notenik developer here. There is a bit of funny business going on when saving the timestamp of a Note for the first time. I should have a fix out within the week. But you might want to hold off on attempting integration until then.

Hook integration has been updated to version 208. automatic updates and checking for updates will give you the latest. includes compatibility with Notenik. Hook to New >Notenik is also available.

  • Requires Notenik Version 9.0.1 (287).
  • Turn on Notenik’s datestamp preference to get robust Notenik links.

Thanks to @hbowie , developer of Notenik !