Integration with Mem

Hi, are there any plans to integrate Hookmark with the Mem MacOS app? Mem is a note taking app that I use everyday.


Welcome to Hookmark forum, @abemaz .

I saw it has a menu item for “copy link to note”, but it is not accessible to Hookmark.

Do you know any keyboard shortcut can access that?

Thank you

Hi bchend, I found “copy link to note” on the Mac app. The Mem development team has removed many of the features that were there in previous versions to make the app easier to maintain. They have asked users to only use the web app as that one is up to date. They have also removed the shortcuts they used to have. In the web app, there is “Copy Link”.

I’m new to Hookmark but I have looking into tools that increase my productivity. I like Mem’s bi-directional linking to make it easy to find things relevant to a topic or project I’m working on. I see that Hookmark also uses bi-directional links.

To answer your question, I don’t know of any keyboard shortcut that can access “copy link to note”. Thanks.