Integration with Goodtask?


I’ve searched the forum and I saw in a release last year Hook supports Goodtask integration, but I’ve been having trouble using it. Every time it just toggles the details panel on and off, showing “there is no linkable items”.

Am I doing something wrong here or the integration no longer works?


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @oopsowl.

This one uses UI scripting, Is your System language set to English? We’ll add new languages.


Hi Luc,

Thanks for the response. Yes my system language is English alright.

I get no linkable items too.

@oopsowl I’m running into the same thing. New to the app, just trying to get a workflow in place, and GoodTask is my task manager of choice. It just clicks for me. And I’d love to solve this issue. To describe what I’m seeing (which sounds like what you’re seeing) is: (1) I press cmd-shft-space and launch hook. At the same time the GoodTask details panel toggles away and in Hook, I see “No linkable item found in hook.” I’m not too handy with scripting, but I suspect that cmd-shft-space may be a keyboard shortcut in GoodTask that toggles the detail view.

Oh, and given that this seems to be using UI scripting, if the details panel is gone, the UI scripting probably fails. Continuing my investigation.

I was wrong. Further investigation, cmd-D toggles the details pane. cmd-shft-space does nothing in GoodTask. Instead, its within the script itself. I mucked about, to no avail. I’ll post if I figure something out. Let me know if anyone found a solution.

Sorry for the delay. One of us here will look into it.

So many of the newer apps are IOS focussed. Goodtasks, which I really enjoy, has rich Shortcuts support on IOS. Begs the question as to whether Shortcuts will come to the Mac with the M1 chip IOS app support…