Integration with clipboard history apps?

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I’m having a hard time getting into the habit of using hook to copy links, as my muscle memory is really strong for cmd+c, but I do use clipboard history apps that are able to observe the clipboard. Is it possible/a good idea to simply watch the clipboard for new links similar to those apps? or barring that, integrate with the clipboard managers so I can always copy the same way without thinking about it?

Example apps with clipboard history: Paste, launchbar, alfred, etc.

As of today, I have to decide if I want to use hook or my normal clipboard manager for each link, which is more cognitive load than I want for copying something.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @jenji . thanks for asking.

could you please be more precise re how Hook would do that (in terms of user interaction and software interaction) ?

one thing to watch out for is adverse interactions with clipboard apps. I can’t remember which ones caused problems (it was discussed on the forum). I don’t think it was LaunchBar or Alfred.

understandable. a global keyboard shortcut for Copy Link can be configured in Hook Preferences. And sys preferences can reconfigure Hook window shortcuts. you’re asking for more integration than that, but perhaps the info helps anyway.

could you please be more precise re how Hook would do that (in terms of user interaction and software interaction) ?

Well… I think what I’m proposing is that Hook do the same thing as a clipboard manager, which means operating the same way. As far as I understand, they use accessibility permissions to intercept the Cmd+C shortcut, do their thing, and possibly then let the keystroke escape if they want to allow the system clipboard or any other apps operate the same way.

Of course, operating that way makes Hook a clipboard manager, which can make interactions with other clipboard managers more complicated :grin: - that being said, if the keystroke/command is just intercepted but not stopped, the other apps should be fine, particularly if they operate the same way. Otherwise order of intercept will matter, and that could be a problem.

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Does the Focus on Link in Clipboard command help? If you have a URL in the clipboard , that will cause Hook to focus on it.

As for putting a URL (or full link) in the clipboard: Hook already has quite a few ways to do that : via its UI, global keyboard shortcuts, and automation. As you say, Hook isn’t a general purpose clipboard manager, but it can put stuff on the clipboard and interact with information on the clipboard.

Hook can also be invoked from launchers. And we’ve built workflows and actions for Alfred and LaunchBar respectively: Automation – Hook.

Perhaps that helps?

You can check this best Clipboard manager list.

Please share your view if you like it.

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if anyone uses a clipboard manager that they find works well with Hook, it would be good to hear from them, and to have a list here.

Paste works to pick up the clipboard contents after a CMD-C or CMD-M in hook. Syncs to other devices. I assume them all would.