Integrate Hookmark with the Tyme 3

Hi, are there any plans to integrate Hookmark with the Tyme 3 MacOS app?

Tyme 3 is a timing software similar toTiming. It not only has a Mac client, but also an iPad and iPhone client, and also supports shortcut instructions for Apple systems, as well as JavaScript. I want to make my own scripts, but I can’t do anything about it. Can you help me?

Thanks. Whether successful or not, I wish you good health and happiness for your family in the New Year!

Thank you for this feature request, @SUN0MVEMJSUN.

Tyme3 has AppleScript support. But it does not provide an API which allow Hookmark to get current selection’s URL and title.

We will contact them. In the meantime, you can also contact the developer of Tyme. We have an email template here:

Thank you

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01.This is so exciting. The efficiency of your development application is really high. It hasn’t been a month. Today I saw the Tyme application update log!


  • The Menubar now remembers its last position
  • Menubar: You can now use the left and right arrow keys to adjust the start time.
  • Added category dashboard
  • Added Hookmark Depplink support”,

I couldn’t believe my eyes at that time!

02.After my test, the combination of Hookmark and Tyme is perfect! In addition to Apple’s ecological applications, my three favorite applications are “Marginnote, Tyme, Hookmark”, not only because of their extremely powerful functions, but also because they have both ipados, ios and macos. Who can refuse? I used “iPhone” instead of “macos” in bed. I spent several days browsing the “Hookmark” forum and knew that you were testing the ios version of “Hookmark”. I want to join. My mobile device is the latest 17. 3. 1. Is this really okay? Thank you to every developer who paid for the “Hookmark” application!

03.My information



❸Username of the forum:SUN0MVEMJSUN

04.I have sent a request to “” in the above format. Please take me around the world!

Whether it is successful or not, I wish you and your family good health and happiness in the new year. Thank you!