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Capacities recently released an update including deep links to content using the capacities:// URL scheme, is there any way we can get this integrated to use Hook with Capacities? They’ve become one of my most used apps so it’s crucial for me.


Any help with this? I’m dying to be able to use Hook with it. I’ve tried reworking the Logseq script to no avail.

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Looks like a great app. Is there a command in a menu to copy a hyperlink? If so, could you please let us know what it’s called?

Is this what you’re meaning? There’s a menu you can open by clicking the drag button next to blocks that has an option to copy the deep link, or you can copy it via the keyboard shortcut “⌘ + ⌃ + L”

Thank you. That’s a contextual menu. It doesn’t look like there’s a menu item for this. So unless there is an API, then the Copy Link function would need to use the keyboard shortcut. we will have a look. If there is anyone else on the forum using Capacities, they might beat us to it.

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Thank you so much! Yeah, Capacities is still early early beta. I’ve been a supporter for around a year or so now and even with it being early beta, I have decided to use it as my main knowledge management tool simply due to the speed of development and responsiveness of the team. I believe they’re working on an API and are actually accepting suggestions from users as to how they should build the API. If you haven’t tried it yet, I implore you to check it out. It’s truly a beautifully thought out and designed piece of software.


Here is a link to the Discord discussion around API development: Discord

They already have x-Callback-URL integration for the desktop app: X-Callback-URLs to Communicate with the Desktop App | Capacities Docs

I started to use the app on macOS and iOS two weeks ago and am incredibly impressed with the speed of development, transparency, and user engagement.

It’s like the PKM version of Craft, with a focus on individual users.

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Thank you, @vcbrewers . We are impressed too! The Capacities developers and CogSci Apps Corp. are in communication about their new x-callback-url.


This is fantastic news, and thank you!

I’m so much looking forward to this too. Being able to “hook up” with Hookmarks would be awesome.

Capacities has added desktop support for deep linking! -

Full linking support to and from other apps and the file system

We added bidirectional support for deep linking to the desktop app. This means that you can now link from any app to Capacities and from Capacities to any app. The same works for files on your computer.

Linking to content in Capacities: You can copy a deep link to an object in the object menu or by using the shortcut Cmd + Ctrl + L on Mac or Ctrl + Alt + L on Windows. You can also copy a deep link to a specific block by clicking on “Copy block reference” (believers only) in the block menu or by using the same shortcut when a block is selected. You can use these links in other apps to quickly navigate to an object or block in Capacitites.

Linking from Capacities to other apps: You can now paste a deep link from another app into Capacities. It will be formatted as a link and will open the resource in that app. This also works for files on your computer (using the file:// protocol), emails (using mailto:), and phone numbers (using tel:).

We have released the script for integrating with the latest Capacities release.

The script version is 272. Please update your script from Hookmark Preferences ->Update.

Thank you