Instead of opening a file, can we let Hook open its enclosing folder?


When we click a Hook link, hook opens the targeting file.
But for a compressed file, is it possible to just let Hook open its enclosing folder?


Yes, there is a Reveal File in Finder menu option and keyboard shortcuts:

  • ⌘R for in title menu, and
  • ⇧⌘R for links in other sections of the Hook window.

Thank you Luc!
I should have read the manual and tips carefully. :slight_smile:
(I did not notice the functionality and I just searched the forum.)

Am I correct? To achieve what I described, we should first find the item in Hook, focus/highlight it, and then press the short cut ⇧⌘R.

I was thinking we could send the external links in Emacs’ Org-mode to Hook and reveal that file in Finder ALL by one shortcut, as I observed that Hook’s Ctrl-h overrides Emacs’ in Org-roam.

Is it doable by the side of Hook? Do we need to config both Emacs and Hook, or even need to employ another software like Hammerspoon to combine them.

Looking forward to hearing your approach!

That’s my understanding based on the original post – unless I missed something. Qualification: if the item you want to reveal is in title bar, then ⌘R. If it’s in the rest of the window, ⇧⌘R.

Hook allows you to to configure two distinct shortcuts to invoke it. By default there’s ⌃H and ⇧⌘spacebar. Does that help?

Thank you. That helps.

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