Indirectly hooked, Related, and the Pinned list


I’ve just installed the new Version 6 and wondered about a couple of the new features.

The main one is about exactly what lies behind the ‘Indirectly hooked’ and ‘Related’ lists – how are they calculated? There’s nothing in the Help files as yet AFAICS. Apologies if I’ve missed it.

I presume that the first is showing documents which are linked to any currently hooked files, but how many levels does this go down?

And I imagine that ‘Related’ is a filtered search of all bookmarks based on the current document’s content, but it would be useful to know the criteria the filter is based upon.

Finally, I wondered why these two features have been prioritised over the Pinned list? I used to use this all the time – pin my Daily Journal then I could link everything I read or worked on during the day in a couple of keystrokes. Now I have to go through the Bookmarks panel and navigate to the menu – not difficult, of course, but at the moment, it’s something I think I’d do more often than either of the newer features. (Even when the current bug with the Bookmarks shortcut is fixed, it will still be more fiddly than the old way.)

At first sight, the whole point of a Pinned list is that it is immediately accessible all the time, so why is my conscious choice to pin something given less priority than the AI’s suggestions?

Apologies if I’ve missed something – I’m sure the decision was made after a lot of thought, and I want to understand the benefits of the new system so I can use them properly.


[EDIT] I’ve found a couple of threads which cover some of the ground above, but as you’re asking for feedback on the UX and feature set, I’ll leave the post as it is as an example of ‘new user confusion’ feedback.

My only other point would be that there needs to be a less fiddly way of choosing between the three Bookmark panel categories than having to use the mouse / tab and arrow keys to navigate through them.

My preference would still be for an option to have an option to add the Pinned list back to the main window, but short of that, then how about a shortcut mechanism to each of the pinned files (cmd+number based on the position on the list)?

E.g. Ctl-shift-b cmd-1 for the first pinned file, cmd-2 for the second and so on would replicate some of the simplicity of the old system without compromising the basics of the new design.

Thanks again!