Inconsistent keyboard shortcut for Hook to New

I have started using Hook to New to create new posts in Obsidian. It works great. I bring up the hook window and press cmd n and boom. super cool. I would also like to use a few other hook to new options, but the keyboard shortcut is being processed differently. So for CMD N, hook is responding to the key that I press to get the letter N. But if I press CMD and CTRL and the key that I press to get the letter N, nothing happens. Instead I have to press CMD and CTRL and the key labeled N which for me is K. I could understand if it was consistent one way or the other, but its not.

So this means that anyone who uses an alternate keyboard layout cannot really use that feature. I use Workman. Its what I have used for 10+ years and most applications work well with it. Hook is one of a very short list that is having a problem with it.

Thanks for letting us know. This might be the same as an outstanding issue of Hook with Dvorak keyboard issue. Iā€™ve raised and connected the issue in house.

I am also finding this problem with my Dvorak layout. The new shortcut ^H does not work. It appears to be mapped to the physical key rather than the keyboard layout. The physical key does work.

It would be helpful if this were corrected.

Thanks and blessings.

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @mpmclane. and thanks for pointing that out.