Improved default integration with Obsidian in Obsidian v0.14.5!

Prior default integration between Hook and Obsidian relied on the clipboard and did not support Hook to New > Obsidian. This week, Obsidian developer Shida Li kindly added x-callback-url support for linking. The insider build of Obsidian v0.14.5 has the integration we need. This includes a fix for an issue with the new default integration that I mentioned elsewhere on the forum.

We’ve published integration scripts here: Using Hook with Obsidian – Hook. That’s a deep link to that specific section. The comparison table and other parts of doc have not yet been updated. Please note the new get address and New Item scripts.

No Terminal command is required if you haven’t changed com.cogsciapps.hook integration.obsidian.URL.scheme.

We’ll publish the new functionality in Hook /integration server Obsidian v0.14.5 is in General Availability (or earlier with a version check in the scripts).

You can, and will still be able to, use obsidian-advanced-URI and hook-file defaults if you like. The latter two are robust to renaming/moving files as noted in the help page.

If you try the new integration please let us know here how it goes.

I don’t have access to insider build but happy to see this improvement.

Currently the integration breaks if I change the Obsidian note name or folder. I hope this can resolve the issue.

Strictly speaking it’s not the integration that breaks but the Obsidian links. obsidian:// URLs are not robust (meaning the links break if you move the files). If you want a robust URL, you’ll need to either use the advanced scheme or hook://file/ scheme, per Using Hook with Obsidian – Hook. (We have not yet fully updated that page to match the new Insider build integration since it is not a general release yet. But the assessments of robustness are not changing.)

Thank you, this is very useful. For my use, advanced scheme seems apt as of now… Except if the note name is changed, the plugin does not have a provision to handle it. I hope Obsidian improves it’s share links in near future.

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In my tests, the advanced URI scheme does handle revised note names fine. This is reflected in Hook’s Copy Markdown Link and in Hook window (titlebar) and the hooks remain. I tested again and it works fine.

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Thanks. I tested it again, and indeed it works. The links remain robust.
It’s just that the hook link needs to be manually renamed as it does not change automatically.

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In my tests, the hook updates itself too. If you rename the hook, your change will persist until you use the “Revert name” command. Other than that, unless there’s a mishap or exception, the hook will be automatically be renamed the next time you invoke Hook on the renamed item.

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This is excellent. I need to figure out what’s preventing it at my end. Let me play around a bit more. Thank you for the clarifications!

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