Icon Generated Drop Zone Needs A Shortcut Key

I am aware that Hook can use a menubar dropdown drop target. However, it is worth mentioning that there is really no good way to access this feature without seeing if first as a menubar icon. In the Hook preferences there is a shortcut key combination which may be set by the user to bring up the main Hook window. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut keystroke currently offered to similarly open the menubar icon triggered drop target.

Why does this matter you ask? On my Mac, I am using a 13” MacBook Pro. It does not have a very wide menubar. Icons for applications that offer them can disappear and not be available at all. This is also dependent on the app I am using as some apps menus take up more file menu real estate than others do.

I also use a 24” vertically rotated monitor. It too has a relatively narrow top menubar area. When I use a 24” non-rotated monitor (horizontal), I usually have enough space to see any app specific menubar icon such as the one Hook uses. Since I don’t have this, I have no access to the Hook icon triggered drop down drop zone. If there was a key shortcut to open the drop zone, that would be a good thing.


Thanks for the suggestion. I agree. We also have other plans for this functionality.

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To solve this problem in general, I recommend Bartender (also in SetApp).

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I appreciate the thought but, I have tried many schemes over the years and there are a very few icons on the menu bar that I pay any attention to in general. Its more of a a personal preference thing I guess. Having a hot key for anything I use a lot makes more sense to my brain. Thanks to KeyBoardMaestro, I can do quite a lot with macros and with hot keys.

You can use Keyboard Maestro to open menubar items using Click Found Image.

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Perhaps Hook could have a pop-out “shelf” that appears at the edge of the screen (configurable), like Yoink and other apps do when something is dragged to the edge. “Edge” could be configured as top, bottom, left, right or a corner.


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