I just want to be able to timestamp everything

I know this may sound like a small rant but where else to ask if not this beautiful hook community am i right?

All i wish to do is what logseq has accomplished with being able to timestamp youtube videos. There are sites like https://otranscribe.com where you can essentially drop a file and then timestamp it all in rtf.

Except i wish i could do this with a markdown file and have it all in a folder of my choosing in my local machine.

Basically what i want is to timestamp iframes using hook. I also have .mp4 files that i wish i could timestamp.

devonthink can somewhat do this by allowing “annotations” and they have a shortcut called “insert back link” which allows you to timestamp your .mp4 files. BUT this is limited to files you own from what i am aware of.

Now that hook has better integration with devonthink, obsidian and other apps, can someone please point me to the best workflow possible in 2022?

I just updated my hook license and i have the pro version if its needed

This is an important problem for me too, though I hadn’t thought about it as something Hook would be ideal to solve but it actually would be perfect. I’ve got a handful of different options for different types of media but little that’s ideal.

However, for local files VLC has Applescript support for getting the current timestamp, I’m not sure it can open a file to a timestamp however. I did test out using VLC to play media, get the timestamp and then convert that into a DEVONthink link at one point but didn’t have a chance to finish the project before life got too busy.

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Currently, if you open a file in QuickTime Player, you can get a Hook link with timestamp. Could you please give it a try and see that’s what you want?

We will have a look at VLC.

Thank you!