Howdy I control how the hook link shows up

When I copy the link into the task field of OmniFocus it looks like a URL and it is confusing as to what the task is. When I copy the link into the Task’s notes field it shows up the way that I would expect, like a link in a web page.

What determines how it shows up?

Is there a way to paste the link into the Task Field and have it show up as a formated link the way it does in the notes field?

Hookin OmniFocus

The OmniFocus title is plain text. That cannot be changed by anyone but The Omni Group.

You can however customize the integration script: Creating and Modifying Integration Scripts – Hook and Scripts Tab – Hook to cause Hook to put the URL in the title field — if you know how to do automation. (I doubt many users would want this.)

also: I’ve moved this topic out of “Site feedback” (which is for the website) to Discussion & Help (which is for Hook.)