How to troubleshoot Hook flashing on the screen in Bear and Keyboard Maestro

When I trigger Hook Pro 1.7.1 in Bear 1.7.13 (my main note taking app), sometimes it works normally and sometimes the Hook window just flashes on the screen.

I tried in vain Activity Monitor → stop all Bear and all Hook

How would I troubleshoot this ?

Haven’t tried KM in Bear yet. I noticed in testing today that showing Hook popup window via menu bar icon (Show Hook button, top left) , as opposed to via keyboard shortcut, in context of Bear doesn’t work. Maybe related? There’s an issue with Bear on macOS 10.14 (which I used for this test) : Bear’s CPU usage is through the roof. I found that issue on my 10.14.* here, and saw it mentioned on their sub-reddit . Maybe that is related? presumably fixed on 10.15; I will do some testing later on 10.15. nearly midnight here.

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thank you very much Luc

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