How to link to Web-based task managers like ClickUp

Hello, new user here.
Getting my head around the tool, I think, but would appreciate some guidance how to get Hook working with ClickUp, my task manager.

I understand how to link the ClickUp task I am in (in the browser) and link to other items. (ClickUp, the Mac App does not work as it does not expose its links - That’s ok, I can use it in the browser.)

Specifically, I would love a “Hook to New” action to create a new ClickUp task from a mail link - as that is something I do multiple times a day. I expect that a script would take me to the website, and hopefully be able to execute a “t” which is a ClickUp hotkey for a new task. But at the very least, take me to the website. I haven’t seen an easy way to do this - am I missing something?


Sorry for the delay. Bit of a wild 10 days.

As far as we can tell, ClickUp does not have automation to get the URL or title of the currently selected item.

However, there is a work-around.

  1. Copy the link using whatever interface ClickUp provides.
  2. Use Hook’s Focus on Link in Clipboard – Hook ⌃⌘L (in Gear menu).

This work-around works for any app that has a Copy Link function.

Many Hook users also use ClickUp. We recommend Contacting the ClickUp Developers requesting they at least provide a global keyboard shortcut for Copy Link, and preferably prefer automation to get the URL of the selected or open item. We’re not fussy about the particular API ( AppleScript, x-callback-url, command line…)

Thanks Luc, appreciate the reply.

ClickUp does have an API of sorts, that is accessible via ZohoFlow, Zapier and Integromat. Integromat has the deepest API integration from memory. I will have a look at that API to see whether I can see anything useful.

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