How to hook items in Unclutter

I wonder whether there is someone who loves using the Mac Hack app Unclutter just like me. Unclutter is a great application with which you can view the files in it simply by moving the cursor to the top of the screen and dropping. But sadly, it is currently not supported by Hook. So, is there any way to get URLs of items in Unclutter quickly? I would be really greatful if you could please share your methods with me!

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what would you like the user interaction to be?

I hope that I can get URLs of items directly in the Unclutter pop-up window. When I invoke Hook in Unclutter, I’ll be prompted like no linkable items can be found.
(My English is not very well, so it can be a little bit hard for me to thoroughly explain my thoughts. Please forgive me for my poor English~)

It doesn’t work with the Hook shortcuts…
Probably because Unclutter is not a focusable window or app
but you can :

  • drag the file from unclutter to the Hook menubar icon


  • use the Share menu in Unclutter : Right-click->Share->Hook

Thank you for your reply! It’s quite a good idea to drag files to the Hook menubar icon, I get it. Thank you once again~

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