How to hook items in QSpace Pro

QSpace Pro is my main file manager, which is robust enough for me and as simple as Finder. It’s so sad that it’s not supported by Hook now. I do hope the developers can take this application into account, and I wonder whether there is plan to make Hook able to integrate with it.

Apps with basic AppleScript support are often supported out of the box, or with minimal effort we can often create a script. Can you ask the developer whether it has an AppleScript and what it is? x-callback-url or other APIs for linking are also fine. Cf Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers – Hook

Thank you for your early reply! I’ll try to ask their developers about this and tell you about their responses later. I do hope this problem can be solved! I have got so accustomed to using QSpace that it’s now nearly impossible for me to switch back to Finder or other file managers, as Finder is not as robust while other file managers, like Path Finder that Hook currently supports, can be a little bit complex for me.

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I have asked the developer of QSpace, and their response is that they will support AppleScript in the next version and hopefully it will be released in a month. Although I’m actually technologically illiterate, I’m so happy that this problem can be solved soon! Thank you for your kind support!

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