How to hook a new link together with other links?

I could not find the way to hook a new link into a group of links that are connected together.

For example, I have a group of 3 links (A, B, C) and they’re all linked together. In other words, when I open Hook from link A, it would show hooked link B & C; from link B, I can see A & C; from link C, I can see A & B.

The thing here is that I want to add a new link D to the group and I can trigger Hook from any link A / B / C to see hooked link D. If I hook link D to link A, I can only see link D from Hook in link A not B / C. The Show Hookmark Contextual Window works only for the first time hook and it does not work with URL.

My only alternative solution is to manually paste link D to separately to A, B & C. And it takes time. Imagine, I add a few more links later.

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Currently, Hookmark does not show indirectly hooked items. That is in the works. For now, it’s a good idea to create a hub node for the project and to use that as the launch pad.


I was initially expecting Hookmark to work this way as well, and was disappointed when it didn’t. The more I think thought about it though, the more I became it convinced it wouldn’t work. Imagine if (following your scenario) link D was also linked to E–Z and 1–1,000, and that none of those had anything to do with A, B, or C. If that was the case, when you looked a A, you wouldn’t be able to find B or C (or even D) b/c they’d be buried among 1,000+ other, almost entirely unrelated links.

Having said that, being able to more easily trace your way from one branch of links to another would be nice, but I feel like the only way of implementing that isn’t text based—you’d need a link node diagram at that point (similar to, say, Obsidian).