How to force quit Hook (very laggy on latest build)

Not sure this is a bug but this happened to me a few times lately. I am running Version 3.2.1 (4468; Integration v. 176). After invoking Hook on a web URL , it seems to have frozen showing the beachball when the mouse is hovered near the dialog screen. I tried to look for a way to force quit it but could not find that in any menu.

To give an example , the previous hook dialog still would not go away when I logged into this forum

I should have mentioned that I am running on Monterey (may be that was the cause, rather than Hook itself)

sorry to hear about the beachball. Thanks for letting us know. Has this happened in other apps. Does it happen predictably on that page or in Chrome?

In /Applications/Activity.monitor you can

  1. select Hook,
  2. from the toolbar click the (…) button
  3. choose force quit.

But before doing that, if you have time to Sample Process and send it to us via PM or email (not the public forum), then we can look into it. Force quit might alternatively send a crash report to Microsoft App Center (if you consent).

Also, if it happens again, if you could look at Hook’s memory usage (on the Memory tab of Activity Monitor) and let us know that might help.

In Hook 3.3, Hook will be a foreground app, and show up in Dock, Activity Monitor and Force Quit app. We’ll try to open a public beta this week.

Not only do I get the beachball reasonably frequently, but I don’t see any Hook process in Activity monitor! I’m running Big Sur/11.6, and I get hung when I’m trying to hook a file in Finder.

Sorry to hear about this. What’s your Hook version? Do you have pinned and recent sections in Hook window? If yes, could you please try take them out and see if it helps? You can configure this in Hook’s Preference window → General Pane.

Thank you

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @lcgillies . Sorry to hear you are having issues with Hook. Hook supports Big Sur of course. If you do not see Hook in Activity Monitor, then Hook is not running. If Hook crashed, then when you try to launch Hook again, you should see a popup window inviting you to send the crash report.

(Best to run Hook from outside the disk image (DMG).)