How to delete bookmark?

How to “delete bookmark” in order to get rid of unwanted links? I only found “add bookmark” command.
Thank you.


I am wondering the same. some bookmarks are no longer needed and I want to keep my list relevant. Any way to delete? Thanks.

This will be in Hook 3.5. We’ll do a public beta asap, before the official release.


@LucB - will the public beta of 3.5 be available to all users, or do we need to sign-up? either way, i would love to be considered as a tester! thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking, @vcbrewers. We will announce it on the public forum for anyone who’d like to try it.

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I was wondering about the possibility of deleting links as well, but I also wondered whether there’s a significant performance difference between a lot of links and a few links. Does the number of links have a noticeable impact on how quickly Hook launches, or how much RAM or processor it uses?

Currently Hook’s launch time can be affected but that will be addressed. The number should not affect RAM or processor usage.