How to deactivate "Sync links through iCloud"


I’m using Hookmark version 6.0.1 (5788) (Scripts version 312) in Pro mode on a MacBook Pro 13" (M3, 2022) running macOS Ventura Version 13.6.4.

I’d like to deactivate the “Sync links through iCloud” - option (and have no sync at all) but I could’t find how yet, so I’m getting this error-message

after every single reboot of my MBP.

Any ideas?



Based on your Hookmark sync’s setting, it seems you haven’t activated iCloud sync for Hookmark yet. You don’t need deactivate it.

Syncing only start after you click on “Activate” button. Then the button’s label will become “Deactivate”.

Or do you mean it is currently do iCloud syncing even you haven’t set it so?

Thank you

I think the issue has something to do with my two computers setup:

  1. I use Hookmark both on my Mac Studio and also
  2. on my MBP

BUT I am logged in my Apple ID only on my Mac Studio.

On the Mac Studio the iCloud sync is activated

On the MBP is as the screenshots from the original posting shows.

However I get the error message after each restart of the MBP…

Could you please run the following command on Terminal and post the result here?

defaults read com.cogsciapps.hook|grep “preference.sync.method”

Thank you

This is the result on the MBP, where the error message appears:

(so no result)

and this is the result of the same command on the Mac Studio

(also none)

What’s wrong?

(sorry for the two posts but I cannot attach more than one screenshot at the time)

Sorry, I think the double quotes in the command changed after copy/paste.
Try this:

defaults read com.cogsciapps.hook|grep "preference.sync.method"

Got it.

Here’s the output from the MBP

and here ist the output from the Mac Studio:

Thank you for the info, @VladGhitulescu .

On the mac you don’t want to have iCloud sync, please run the following commands in terminal and restart Hookmark. See if it solves the problem.

defaults delete com.cogsciapps.hook|grep "preference.sync.method"

Thank you

It looks like this solved the problem indeed:

Thank you very much @bchend !!!