How to create link to Gmail?

I use the Gmail web interface as my default email client in Mac OS

Is there a special technique to creating a Hookmark link to emails in Gmail?

I saw a reference to this in the release notes to Hookmark v5 but didn’t understand it well enough to use it. I tried the “normal” method but that didn’t seem to work when I pasted the Hookmark link into my password manager for safe-keeping.

If you use Gmail’s web client and know how to create active Hookmark links, how do you do it?

Thank you.

With Hookmark, you can copy links to emails in gmail. After you file an email in gmail, Google can give it a different URL. That would break the hooks to the email – Hookmark currently doesn’t realize that those two emails are the same (after all, they have a different URL). If you encounter that situation, using Hookmark’s find function (⌘F) you can search for the URL fragment that contains Google’s apparent message-ID to find the particular.

We discussed the issue of pasting hook:// URLs in gmail and google docs. gmail doesn’t honor app links, so now you can Copy As Universal Link. But only Safari supports universal links. Work-around there is to copy the universal link and paste it in Spotlight, or use Hookmark’s Focus on Link in Clipboard.


From Your email: With Hookmark, you can copy links to emails in Gmail.

That’s good but I don’t see how. So far, I’ve two approaches:

  1. Create a Hookmark link by selecting an email from my list of emails in Gmail.
  2. Open an email in its own window (by ctrl-clicking an email from the list). Invoke Hookmark and copy link.

Neither of these methods creates an active link that opens the selected email when clicked. I’m fairly certain that there’s a way and your statement above, "With Hookmark, you can copy links to emails in Gmail", seems to confirm but my question is how to do it.


I normally have Gmail configured to show a list of emails in one area and a preview of the email selected in the rightmost area. Gmail calls this view Vertical Split. If I select an email from the list of emails, Hookmark copies a link to the Inbox, not to the email selected in the InBox.

If I control-click on an email to open in a new window and use Hookmark to get a link, that link opens a new window in Chrome with the Hookmark link in the address bar but the email isn’t displayed. This might be a setting in Gmail that prevents content from being displayed in some situations but I have no idea what that setting might be.

Thank you for any help. Hookmark and Gmail are two of my most used applications.

Saluda, NC