How to Consolidate a group of Hooks to hook with each other


TLDR: My question is if there is a small group of items hooked to one primary item, is there a quick way to hook each item to each other

I’ve had hook for a while and just started playing with it again. I am wondering if there is a way to simply consolodate hooks between a group of hooked items. For example, I am a litigator, and I have the following workflow for creating to case files
(1) Obsidian for Notes (title = Case Name)
(2) Omnifocus for Todos (project = Case Name)
(3) OneDrive folder in Finder for Draft documents (folderName = Case Name)
(4) New Devonthink Database (database = Case Name)

I usually create the file in Obsidian, and hook to the other three. Now, is there shortcut to make it so that if I bring up items hooked to number (1), that they will all hook to each other? (i.e. (2) hooked to (1), (3), (4); 3 hooked to (1), (2), (4); and (4) hooked to (1), (2), (3).

Sorry if I’m missing something. The only way I see to do this is to rehook from each item.



If it is possible to tag all of the items you want to hook with the same tag, you can bring them up in a single Spotlight search result folder, then select them, and mesh hook them using the Applescript below:


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