How get Deep Links in SKIM app

So far, I’m not able to get deep links into pdf files created in Skim.

I’m using Skim version 1.6.14 (144) and Hookmark version 5.0 (5317; Integration v. 253) on Mac OS Ventura. Hookmark has Full Disk Access.

If I create a Hookmark link after selecting text in Skim, the Hookmark link opens the file in Preview (my default for pdf files) and it doesn’t take me to the area I selected when I created the Hookmark link.

I’d like the link to open in Skim (not Preview) and to take me directly to the area that was selected in the pdf file when I created the Hookmark link.

Is there a way to do this?

Saluda, NC

Per Using Hookmark with the Free Skim PDF Reader app: Deep Links! – Hookmark

Default app for opening PDFs

In order to use Hookmark’s deep links to PDFs you currently need to ensure that the default app you have configured in macOS Finder to open “.pdf” files supports deep PDF links.