How do you edit Global Keyboard Shortcuts?

I just installed Hookmark and can’t seem to edit the global shortcuts at all. They appear to have an editable field, but I cannot edit them. See screenshot:

What am I doing wrong?

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @alexclst . and thanks for asking.

The first one can only be enabled/disabled. The second one can be edited. That’s for simplicity , but it does sometimes cause confusion. Some people want to switch between Macs with different shortcuts. Or they use screen-sharing and don’t want Hookmark to show up on the Mac running Screen Sharing.

That seems really a strange choice to not let us customize this. I encourage you to change this.

For example, most of my “search-like” keyboard shortcuts are variations on the “search” key on my Apple keyboard I’ve mapped with Karabiner to F4, so that not only Spotlight, but also 1Password and others, can use it. I’d rather Hookmark be among those that use that key (maybe ctrl-F4?), but that would evidently require that you allow customization of that shortcut.

Please consider making this shortcut as customizable as the others, and nearly all other keyboard shortcuts are on macOS.

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The command is customizable. We provide two sets of components for the customization:

  1. enable/disable the predefined command [checkbox]
  2. set your own command. [checkbox + field to define it]

Again, these two fields are for different ways of producing the same behavior (bring up the window). I know of no other software in macOS that offers this much configuration in its UI for its global command to bring up the popup window (e.g., other launchers or Spotlight).

So the glass is not half-empty, it’s more than full.

Ah. Now I get that. Thanks!

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I like this approach after reading the explanation you’ve provided, but it could be better clarified in the preference pane and/or on the relevant Help page. Perhaps a simple statement that the first checkbox shortcut is non-configurable.

As you mention, no other software in macOS offers this kind of customizability—which also means it is not necessarily intuitive. I joined this forum (after spending a non-trivial length of time trying to troubleshoot the issue on my own) specifically because I was confounded by my inability to customize the context window shortcut and thought there might be a problem within the Hookmark software or a conflict with another utility.

Looking at it closely now, I can see that the first code bubble for the predefined shortcut is very slightly dimmed compared to the others, but I would never have noticed otherwise (perhaps it’s more obvious in Light mode, but I use Dark). Rereading the Help page, I better understand the meaning of the instructions, but I still find them to be rather opaque as a new user.

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Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @jrob . I agree. We will try to improve it. We welcome the feedback as this onboarding & usability improvements were a big goal of 2022, which led to a bunch of improvements; Hookmark 5 (currently in beta) offers a huge though subtle one.

The next newsletter (due any day now) will say a bit more about that. Also, we invite user feedback via survey , there will be a link in the newsletter, that we will replicate here. This is another opportunity for users to tell us what they like and what they would like to improve. And provide other feedback that will help us better serve our customers. We hope the customer survey will yield a lot of helpful information that will benefit all users.

This is my shortcut setting. Now I disabled the default. I was frustrated in modifying it at the position of Ctrl-H.

I think the problem is that we are implicitly expecting softwares follow the philosophy of KISS, and even didn’t consider there would be another place to set that shortcut. Then the question is why we need two shortcuts for the same purpose. If the first one is not customizable, make it explicit (by removing the backing ground filling box or group it elsewhere).