How can I link all 5 docs to each other?

Relatively new to Hookmarks, so forgive me if I’m overlooking the obvious. I have 5 documents that are related, and I would like each of them to be hooked to all the others.

So I open Doc 1, invoke Hookmarks, and select Copy Link.

I then open Docs 2-5, invoke Hookmarks, and select Hook to Copied Link.

The result is when I open Doc 1 and invoke Hookmarks, I see all four of the other links. But when I open Docs 2-5, they show me only one link to Doc 1.

How do I get all 5 of those docs to show me links to the other 4?

If you are dealing with files, you have several options

1. menu bar icon: You can drag multiple files onto the menu bar icon to hook them all together.

Here’s a video, a bit out of date as it references “Hook” and it’s 3 or something.

2. Shortcut Or you can install the shortcut to Hook Selected Files Together.

Then in Finder:

  • multi-select files you want to link together
  • control click
  • choose Quick Actions
  • select Hook Selected Files Together

3. Services: GitHub - ttscoff/hook_goodies - Brett Terpstra mesh link macOS service.

We plan to make various automations like the above available from Hookmark itself. Something like macOS Services menus and macOS “Quick Actions” menus, right in Hookmark.

Actions on multiple selections in other apps is not yet supported, but it would be easy enough to write scripts and shortcuts to Copy Link on multiple selections using Hookmark’s AppleScript or Shortcuts automation.

While we’re on the subject, you’ll notice on our Shortcuts Directory page and in the screenshot above that we have a Hook to Copied Links Shortcut action. You can copy one or more links and then make a multi-selection in Finder and use the Hook to Copied Links Quick Action.

A related typical use case of this is when you have already hooked a bunch of items to a resource (e.g., a web page or a project in your task manager). Use Copy All Hooked Links from Hookmark’s Action menu (in title bar). Then you can either:

  1. select another item and use Hook to Copied Links from Action Menu (command is automatically shown in plural form when there are multiple links in the clipboard).
  2. select multiple items in Finder > control click> Action menu > Hook Copied Link(s) to Selected Files. (See the above screenshot).

Thanks for that. But what if the docs are scattered across different folders? Not sure how I can select them all to drag them together into the menu bar icon.

If you can see them all in same window, the technique works. Otherwise, you might want to consider treating one of the files as a hub, hooking stuff to it. Later this year we’ll provide more drag and drop options. We’re open to suggestions.

would tagging all the files with a unique tag, then searching for that unique tag in Finder etc. then you could select all the files and drag to Hook in the top bar.

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Yep, that’s my workaround. A little kludgy, but it works. Thanks.