How can I kill the “Hookmark is initializing…” dialog at startup?

I never, ever want to see this irritating interruption at startup. How do I kill it? I can’t find a setting to turn it off.

Send me to the Terminal with a defaults write plist-editing command — I don’t care. But I want it gone.


Yes, please! I requested this some time ago. It feels very un-Mac-like (and a bit rude, honestly).

I don’t boot that often so it no big deal. Regardless, I don’t believe tantrums are the best way to request things.

Thank you for this request and sorry about this issue.

We will take a look.

Thank you

+1, seeing a splash screen for software that’s otherwise elegantly unobtrusive seems very out of character. If there’s a need to inform the user that databases are being loaded, could that not be integrated into a menu bar icon?

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I don’t experience this dialogue as particularly intrusive but it just seems unnecessary…

Now i get this window after every login… it does not go away even after 10 minutes.
What does “OK” mean in this context? Cancel? It really should just do that in the background (or send a notification i can control).

thanks for raising this issue, @floflo.

  1. This issue you raise is a bit different. the dialog box has different text. It seems to me that this particular dialog box is doing its job, letting you know what is happening, which should not be happening. It may be worth raising a separate forum topic for this one (perhaps labeled something like Updating info of bookmarked files..." dialog presented on every launch of Hookmark).

  2. As for the general startup dialog box, I would point to the venerable DEVONthink having a splash screen (but not a dialog box, meaning no buttons). In our case, I wonder if it would help to have a checkbox option to not show it again; users who do not want it can dismiss it.

  3. The launch time of Hookmark has been improved in successive launches of Hookmark. Hookmark initialization is much faster than it used to; so the normal startup dialog box (not what you are seeing) is much more briefly presented now.

Hey, thanks for your answer.

1) OK, i haven’t seen any problems with Hookmark otherwise.

2): I feel that is not a fair comparison. Opening DevonThink, i am waiting to work on DevonThink. When log into my Mac, i want to see the Desktop, files, or whatever, but not a startup notification of an app. Imagine if every utility you installed showed a notification.

Yes, a checkbox would be good, but honestly it would be better if the dialogue box wasn’t there in the first place.

3) Good to hear! For me, the only times i feel Hookmark being slow is when using UI-scripting (which of course Hookmark has no influence over).

Situation 1 here is my case: roughly two-thirds of the time, macOS barfs on preferences and ALL of my utilities lose their permissions (accessibility, full disk access, screen reading, etc.), and so on system start-up, LaunchBar, Bartender, Default Folder X, TextExpander, Keyboard Maestro, PasteBot, BetterSnapTool, and others I’m forgetting right now, and Hookmark all pop up dialogs demanding access at the same time — literally on top of one another — and Hookmark needlessly adding to this confusion (for what? marketing purposes?) feels like grasping defeat from the jaws of victory.

I know: this will be dismissed as a statistically insignificant edge case. Bottom line: it’s not necessary. Give me a checkbox in settings to never ever see it again, please.