How can I create a hook to new shortcut in macOS Ventura

Ventura keyboard shortcuts require that there be a menu item for the shortcut. I was trying to follow this guide Hook to New – Hookmark

That same page also mentions that you can add and edit entries in the “Hook to New” menu. The instructions say to open the templates folder. I am trying to remove “Obsidian” from the hook to new menu, but I do not see an obsidian template in my templates folder.

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The default keyboard shortcut for Hook to New… is control+command+N. Do you want to create a different shortcut?

Currently, to remove “Obsidian” from “Hook to New” menu, you can go to Hookmark preferences window ->Scripts->Obsidian->New Item, remove the script for New Item and save the script.

Thank you

I wanted to create a keyboard shortcut to hook to Omnifocus, ^O == Hook to new → Omnifocus

You can do this in System Preferences:

then in Hookmark ⌃⌘H ^O , which can be stringed together with Keyboard Maestro.

Ventura change the way keyboard shortcuts work. Now they must correspond to a main menu item

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