How are lawyers using Hook?

Here’s a CogSci Apps Corp. very informal “survey”: we’d like to hear in this topic about how lawyers are using Hook. Lawyers and legal assistants, please feel free to share with us how you are using Hook

  • to prepare briefs?
  • collating documents
  • to link documents for use in court
  • etc

with what tools ( DEVONthink, etc)?

  • other facts/uses…

Please feel free to respond here, or PM support, PM me, or send an email We would even do a brief one on one interview if you’d like to talk over FaceTime.

I’m not a lawyer, but three members of my family of origin are. (One of them is Assistant Deputy minister in one of the federal ministries in this country. The other does divorce law). Sadly, two are Windows users and one retired before Hook was published.

Can they be prosecuted for that? :wink:

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I think they’re being punished without even being tried in court.

And when in court, their opponents who use Mac must be very grateful they’re using Windows :slight_smile:

I mostly use Hook to connect my legal research. I use it to connect between Craft (my preferred writing app), DevonThink 3, websites and sometimes PDF Reader Pro. It’d be great if it had a Word integration, as I do end up having to write in Word way more than I would like, or at least, until Craft adds footnotes.

I use my iPad Pro quite a bit for legal work as well. If Hook worked on the iPad, I would probably use it even more.

I have started using Things3 more because of integrations, however, my brain works better with the Sorted app. If that one was Hook friendly, I would link my tasks as well.

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Thank you @Jafam , very helpful to know.

If you’re referring to Hook and Word integration, Hook does work with MS Office 2016 ff.

We looked at it in March and found that while it does have x-callback-url support for opening and adding (URL Scheme. Or How I Learned To Love Automation | by Sorted | Sorted | Medium), it does not have an API to get the selected item.

We’ve now contacted them using Contact Us | Sorted³. Hopefully they will oblige.

I use Hook to link notes created in DEVONthink to caselaw.

I use DEVONthink as my note taking software using the Kouresh Dini method. That creates two levels of searchability.

When it comes time to draft a brief, my notes and the source (the caselaw) are searchable and in one place.

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Thank you, @pearceb1 . Super helpful to know !

I use it for connecting related documents, three examples being the chain of documents proving a property title; novations and assignments of long term contracts; and relating framework supply agreements to the individual call offs made against them. I had thought Hook might be useful for linking successive versions of draft contracts, but because hooks are bidirectional and there’s no way to say B supersedes A, it didn’t turn out to be that useful; it’s easier to directionally link notes in Tinderbox (or, I guess, Obsidian or your favourite note app) and link the notes to the drafts.

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