Hoormark Shortcut Error

  1. I set the ‘Copy Link’ shortcut to “cmd + shift + C”
  2. But everytime i restart the computer, the shortcut changes like this.
  3. So i should edit it every time.

Please help me to solve it :frowning:

Welcome to Hookmark forum, @tagglee .

Sorry about this issue.

Could you please let us know:
(1)macOS version
(2)system language
(3)keyboard input source
(4)Hookmark version (in Hookmark about window)

Thank you

Thank you for greeting me :slight_smile:

(1) macOS 14.0
(2) English
(3) ABC and 2-Set Korean
(4) Version 5.1.2 (5457; Integration v. 276)

Do you mean you switch between these two input sources? Switching input sources can cause problem for global shortcuts.

If you set the shortcut, then restart Hookmark, will the shortcut work?

Thank you

  1. I am korean so i must use korean input, also english too
  2. Yes. it works after restart Hookmark.
  3. But when i restart the computer, shortcut changes.

Thank you.

What’s the default input source when you restart your computer? Does Hookmark open at login?

For now, could you please always start Hookmark with the ABC Input source?After Hookmark starts, changing the input source is OK.

We will look into this issue.

I think i find the problem.

“Automatically switch to a document’s input source”
I turned off this keyboard setting and reboot, and Hookremark’s shortcut works normaly.

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I am glad you found out the solution.

Thank you


Thank you for the help!

I thought i solve this but problem occur again :frowning:
Could you help me to start Hookmark with the ABC Input source?