Hook's website was updated recently — more feedback welcome

As we mentioned last week, we’ve recently updated the Hook website.

We’re delighted to have received the following feedback:

Yes, some very positive improvement, thank you


One of the best site redesigns that I’ve come across. Pleasant surprise

We intend to do some more updates to the website, and are always happy to receive feedback regarding how you’d like us to improve the website.

I like the website (always have). It has loads of very useful info.

… But, I think a newcomer who has no idea what the purpose of Hook is, might land on the site and not grasp what Hook is. It’s not about a search tool – though “Search Less. Focus More.” implies that Hook has something to do with searching. The third block on the page, “Universal ‘Copy Link’”, is more descriptive, but that block is not visible when we land on the page. The landing page reads like what an insider would write. It’s not a call to action: “get the missing link”.

Personally, I always admire the way Agenda explains itself: “Date-focused note taking”. Pithy and to the point.