Hook's new screenshot link doesn't work as expected

I tried the Hook to screenshot Shortcut. Here’s what happened.

  • I ran the shortcut with the folder for screenshots changed to ~/Pictures/Screenshots.

  • Upon the first use, the Shortcut created a folder inside Screenshots, called screenshot and placed the 1st screenshot in there, aptly called “screenshot”.

  • I pasted this screenshot’s markdown link in iA Writer 6.0.4 (beta). It worked perfectly.

  • I then changed the screenshot’s name and it still worked.

  • Then I created a 2nd screenshot, which the Shortcut placed in the same folder; all good so far…

  • I pasted the markdown link into iA Writer and clicked on the markdown link and it opened the correct screenshot; however, when I now clicked on the link for the first renamed screenshot, that too opened the link to the second screenshot.

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welcome back, @Erik_Vlietinck . Good catch. We’ll release a fix. Thank you.

There’s a new version of the shortcut here: Directory of Shortcuts – Hook that does not have this problem.