Hook's `Copy Link` Habit: As Easy, Convenient, Useful and Addictive as `Copy`

Given that Hook has so many information indexing and retrieval features, when first learning about it one can lose sight of the forest for the trees. But after using it for a while, it becomes as familiar as copy and paste.

I wrote this blog post for Hook users to share with people in their network who might benefit from it.:
Hooked on the Copy Link Habit .

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Thanks Luc, given that I don’t use a Mac as often as I’d like now that my day job requires a Windows PC, this article nudged me towards the perfect key to ramp up my dependance on Hook in my personal time.

I think it really is a nice start with Hook to know that every time you use it to copy things around will also have them bookmarked for future reference.

And if the apps we’d like to use are not already perfectly supportive of Hook, we still get value out of Hook in the meantime.