Hookmark Zoom app / integration: What benefits, functions and features does the Hookmark community want?

Dear community members.

We @ CogSci Apps Corp. are looking into new ways in which Hookmark can integrate with Zoom that would involve creating a Zoom app for Hookmark. We have specific features in mind, but before we expatiate regarding them, we would like to hear directly from the Hookmark community.

Please let your imagination run wild :slight_smile:

The Fathom service records, transcribes, and summarizes Zoom meetings when invited to those meetings. They have a feature that allows you to create a ‘mark’ during the meeting to recall later. If, for example, someone talks about something you want to reference, you ‘mark’ it. The service is smart enough to go back and place the mark at what it thinks is the beginning of the conversation.

It’d be nice if HM provided something similar. Adding metadata about the hook, like at what time in the meeting and a meeting title and date would be helpful as well.


Have a HM ‘panel’ that’s a reserved space within HM where hooks can be stored AND organized. Then, hooks for Zoom meeting materials could be called up within the Zoom meeting. These have a one-click share via Zoom chat option.


Thanks for the suggestions, @BernSh , much appreciated!

One feature we’re looking at is this:

invoke Hookmark in a zoom session, and Hookmark will list all the URLs that are in the Zoom chat. Then you can do Copy All Links, and paste them anywhere, even use Hook to Copied Links on another resource.

Similarly, invoke Hookmark on a file in Finder, and Hookmark will parse the file and list all the links it finds. Ditto for emails. That’s our recommendation system, steps towards which will be in Hookmark 6. Hookmark 6 is now due in Sept, with public beta starting next week if all goes well.

Maybe too outside your mission and have you considered adding moving files in addition to linking them? If the mission is making data omni-accessible then locational organization is critical. The segregation into data silos forcing users to track multiple filing systems frustrates thinking and working in larger frameworks.

Nowhere is this more evident than the forced separation of email’s data from Finder’s data. Parsing and linking email is a step. Relocating email (and other data channels) into a unified system is the bigger challenge.

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For moving emails i recommend EagleFiler and DEVONthink. Hookmark integrates with each of them.

One can link the entire zoom files with Hookmark. I normally manually move them. We could add some code to the zoom integration app to move the zoom files I suppose

Thank you for the suggestions!

I’ve looked at EagleFiler and tried DEVONthink. DEVONthnk recommends NOT to use it as a Finder replacement. I did anyway and found out the hard way why it doesn’t work (think corrupt monolithic database). It only scales so far. EagleFliler is another monolithic database that, unless I move everything into, leaves me again with multiple filing systems to navigate both physically and cognitively.

This is why I stick to Mac’s native apps as much as possible and why Hookmark’s extension of the native apps provides value. For example, back to email, I find being able to hook emails into spreadsheets highly useful when the spreadsheet is a project management tool and related email threads are a click away.

Ultimately I’d like to see a unified filing data structure where all data from whatever vector/channel can be manipulated within a consistent interface/toolset; with the Mac, it’s the tired, boring old Finder. Hookmark is a step in the right direction. Naturally, I’m looking for the next step.

That moving hooked files is ‘just’ some code away is very intriguing!

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