Hookmark won't link to iAWriter markdown file


Just trialling HookMark from SetApp. I have an M1 Macbook Pro running Ventura.

I’m trying to link a note in Apple Notes to a markdown document in iAWriter. The file is saved; all permissions are granted in System Settings etc but, within iAWriter, I get the ‘No Linkable Item found’ message’ I’ve read the support article on this problem and have tried all the steps with no joy.

I can link to the closed file in Finder but the link doesn’t work. Instead of taking me to the document, the link opens XCode which seems very odd.



Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @MickR , and others who I have not yet had the chance to personally greet.

iAwriter is not a link-friendly app. Many (but not all) link-friendly apps are listed here. For background, see: What’s a Linkable App and Why Does Linkability Matter? – Hookmark.

We have emailed the iAwriter dev requesting they add automation for linking, or at least put the UI command in the menubar so that it can be grabbed reliably through automation (whether Hookmark or other means).

Until then, you can click through their app to use the copy link method. Or access the files from Finder.

Many writing apps are linkable automation.

also relevant: Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers – Hookmark

Thanks, Luc.

I now see why it was launching xCode when I used the link I generated in Finder.

Somehow, when I upgraded to Ventura a week or two ago, some defaults got changed.Don’t know how, but all now works as expected.



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I probably didn’t understand the question: iA writer texts are linkable with Hookmark like anything else I use. I see this post is old, so maybe now problems with Ventura are resolved?