Hookmark window keeps opening

Since I’ve upgraded to Hookmark 4.0 I have encountered an issue where the Hookmark app in my dock opens at random times, displaying the list of my Hookmarks. Since it happens every minute or so (I haven’t figured out what, if anything is triggering it), I’ve had to stop using Hookmark since it gets annoying to have the app come to the front so frequently. I’m running OS12.6 with an Apple M1 chip.

That’s weird. Have you renamed the Hook app to Hookmark in Finder? If not can you try that to see if it helps. First you need to quit Hook, then rename, then relaunch.

Are you using Hookmark in foreground mode via Preferences Accessible from the Command-line – Hookmark

Could you please try switching that off? Using:

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook background.app.mode 1

Having said that we’ve tested both modes.

Have you installed any other apps , or automations, recently that might interact with clipboard or more directly with Hookmark? Or have you changed any significant parameters of third party software?

Thanks for the suggestions @LucB

Changing the foreground mode state didn’t change the behavior. As I don’t have any other automation software, I’m not sure what the problem is.

I think I was able to fix things, however, by deleting Hookmark and reinstalling a new copy. So far, so good.