Hookmark Version 6.1 (5967; Integration v. 318) is now available -- adds support for tags

Hookmark Version 6.1 (5967; Integration v. 318) is now available for download..

Hookmark now features tags! In Context window, use the title bar’s Action ☰ button or ⌃T to add a tag to the currently selected item. There is now a Tags view in the Bookmarks window where you can click a tag and see all the items that have the tag. Manage tags there too (rename and delete them). For example, if you’re writing a paper on butterflies you can tag links to emails, web pages, and more, with “Butterflies”. If you enable syncing, your tags will be synced across your Macs.

There are several other new features, bug fixes, and integrations.

See the release notes for more information on this release.


Great news! I look forward to using this feature

I’m absolutely loving the tag functionality right now! So good.

Three days have passed and still no update on Setapp. Why the delay?

Now, 10 days after the launch of 6.1, there is still no update to the SetApp version. Would it help to complain to SetApp? Hookmark is getting “thumbs down” on the SetApp site for being out of date. Not sure who’s responsible for the delay – and I don’t need to blame/shame anyone – but I’m really curious to try out the tags function.

Thanks for pointing that out. Sorry Setapp customers : it was ready to publish on Friday but we forgot to press the publish button there. We had delayed it due to some framework issues that we were waiting to see how they would pan out.

Next time we’ll use the beta program on setapp so it can have a Headstart

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Thanks for the efforts! I posted a positive review to Setapp, hoping to offer some balance to the complaints there.

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much appreciated, @AutonomyGaps