Hookmark Version 5 Is Now Available With Universal Links, Major UX/UI Enhancements; Automatic Backups, and More

Hookmark Version 5.0 (5317; Integration v. 253) is now available for download.. Coming soon as an in-app update too.

Core improvements

  • Significant user interaction (UX) enhancements. Action button replaces the Title and Link buttons and acts on the selected link. You can now select either Title bar item or one of the links. Many other UI/UX improvements. Read more.
  • You can now generate a universal link for any URL-friendly app’s resources (not web pages, of course). Use ⌥⌘C, ⌥⌘M or hold down option button when clicking on the Action ☰ button (in title bar). Paste such links in your web apps. Works around annoying limitations of Notion, Google Docs, Gmail, etc. Universal links only work in Safari (not a Hookmark limitation). PRO Read more
  • Hookmark now automatically backs up its database.
  • Several other improvements and bugs fixes

Software integration improvements

  • Added support for Microsoft OneNote, Tap Forms, iTerm 2, Bike deep linking and Mela Recipes.
  • The title of email links is now <Subject>- <Date> - From <email> to <email>. The title of Slack links is also improved. Both are very easy to configure in Scripts Preferences (PRO).
  • Many other app integration improvements.


We’ve introduced support for generic app analytics, which are anonymous of course. They are Off by default. We would appreciate users enabling them. To do so: Open Terminal app, copy & paste defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook anonymous.generic-sys.analytics true.Hit return key. If enabled, analytics go to Microsoft App Center. Enabling them would help us improve Hookmark.

More information

Full release notes are available online.

Hookmark 5 sets the stage for further big improvements, which partly explains why we upped the number to 5.

Eligibility for updates

This Hookmark update is free to any Hookmark customer with a valid Updates license of Hookmark (Hookmark Pro and Hookmark Standard each come with one year of free access to updates) or in valid Trial or Lite mode.


Thank you to everyone who tried out the betas, and for any feedback, whether or not we were able to include it in this release. Much appreciated!


The Setapp version is still at v4. Is there a plan to keep the Setapp version up to date with the regular commercial version?

Yes there is. We got a bit out of Sync with them as we are learning the ropes of their process and schedules. We are submitting to Setapp this week-end. Except it in 7 days. In future we want this to be tighter.

Unfortunately, Setapp does not have a Beta program, and they have a 7-day lag, so the only way to do simultaneous releases is to delay Paddle customers too. I don’t see the point of doing that.


Not happy about that.

When you publish the detailed help page on this, can you include details on the security of universal links? What is stored, where? How are they resolved?

It’s raising some business IT red flags for me.

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Thanks, @Stevelw. We’ll do. the help page on this is pretty bare right now. (The fact that these links only works in Safari poses some friction for adoption. But that’s a separate dimension.)

Just a quick check if there is any update on the v5 Setapp release timing? Still says v4 for me.

It’s in review. should be released any day now.

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