Hookmark Software integrations v. 269-274: Deep Linking in Bike & OmniOutliner; Capacities support; and more!

Hookmark integration v. 274 is now available with deep link support for Bike. OmniOutliner and Capacities integration were recently introduced too.

Deep outliner software integration : Bike and OmniOutliner deep links

Hookmark has been enhanced to provide a superior deep-linking experience with Bike and OmniOutliner.

Invoke Hookmark on a specific row in these outliners, and Hookmark will create a robust deep link to the row. You can use these links even if the document is closed. You can even move the file around and the links will still work. In fact, even if you offload the file from your Mac (e.g., Dropbox, Git, etc.) and remount the file’s folder elsewhere Hookmark, will heuristically reattach the file (in the latter case if it hasn’t been renamed or the link re-attached).

You can hook several deep locations of a given outline and Hookmark will show you all the hooks from that outline to other resources.

Deep links are very convenient for long and deep outlines. More generally, Hookmark is designed to help you focus your attention on the precise information your require, without you needing to search, click around, etc.

Capacities support

Hookmark now supports Capacities, a next-generation note-taking app built for personal knowledge management. Unlike its competitor, Notion, Capacities is a link-friendly app! Capacities CEO is a signatory of the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking. Hookmark now enables you to link Capacities items to and from anything that is also link-friendly!

Software update

The latest updates were released via Hookmark’s software integration service. Simply use the Check for App Updates and Update Scripts... to get the latest, without needing to relaunch Hookmark. Or enable automatic software updates in Hookmark.

Recent revisions

  • version 274: Deep linking with Bike outliner.
  • version 273: Support Hook to New > NotePlan 3 and OmniOutliner deep linking .
  • version 272: Support for Capacities
  • version 271: More localizations.
  • version 270: Improved Apple Mail integration.
  • version 269: Localization of TheBrain integration; support Bookends’s new URL format.