Hookmark Shortcut and AppleScript for Craft fail

After testing, when I try to use the Apple Shortcut to obtain the Hookmark link of a page in the Craft app, the Shortcut command cannot run properly. Below is a screenshot of the Shortcut I wrote. When I use the Raycast plugin that depends on Hookmark (Raycast Store: Hookmark Search), it is also almost impossible to perform any operations on the Craft app. Can you fix this bug?

Note: my Hookmark is from Setapp and the latest version

Sorry about this issue.

Get Bookmark From Active Window

Returns a complex object containing either a valid bookmark or a request handle, and a value indicating the type of result that is returned.The two step-process is required for apps that use asynchronous protocols (like x-callback-url) for inter-app communication. Example: Agenda, Craft, Drafts, and Obsidian. For more information, please see

Here is a sample Shortcut which get a bookmark from active window and open it in Hookmar window:

Thank you

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Thanks! Your Shorcut works for Craft