Hookmark script server update - version 301

This release fixed the “Link to new” Agenda issue on Sonoma. The issue is that when you do “link to new” Agenda, the link in the created Agenda note is invalid.

I just tried HtN usingV301 w/Agenda. I got a 1030 (domain error).

# Hookmark script server update - version 301

OS 14.1 (23B74)

Agenda Version 18.3 (291) - Mac App Store

**triedHtN to 3 other apps. No problem.

Just had a thought. Could the problem be in Agendas’ link shortening routine!!

Sorry about this issue. Could you please let us know from which app you did “Link to New” agenda?

Thank you

Copied link(s) from mail app. They were in a Medium news letter. Copied link from the inbox.

Could you please post the email title here?

Also, if you “Link to new” Agenda from Finder, do you get a valid link in the Agenda note?

Thank you

PS: The link copied and hook to new from finder worked

Thank you for the info, @bnm3215 .
The title is still encoded. It seems it is from the old Agenda script.

Could you please go to Hookmark preferences window → Scripts ->Agenda, check if “Reset to default” button is enabled? If not, could you please post Agenda’s New Item script here?

Thank you

Reset IS enabled however the custom script is still active. ie; the one I added the identifier for HtN location which has been working great. I reset the script, am now showing V301 and all is well again.