Hookmark not linking to Safari Docked Apps

Safari in Sonoma added the ability to make a web page into a docked “App”. While of course Hookmark has no trouble with the same web page in Safari, it finds no linkable items in the docked app created by Safari. Odd. Any work arounds for this behavior?


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Sorry about this issue, @mprazoff .

Could you please update your script and see if the problem is solved?

The latest version is 302.

Thank you

Thanks. Relaunched the docked app and yes, it works now, using version 302 of the scripts. Thanks for the support!

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Hello forum,

I am interested in this topic as well.
Could you please elaborate on “scripts”?

Are they part of the core HM app, do I need to to download them, how do I update them?

Thanks much in advance


You can go to Hookmark preferences window ->Update->“Check now” to get the latest script.

Thank you

Unfortunately, there is currently no workaround for this behavior. The reason for this is that Safari’s docked web apps are essentially just folders that contain the web page’s files. Hookmark is unable to find linkable items in these folders because they are not actually web pages themselves.