Hookmark links to files on an SMB NAS don't open on another Mac

Hello! I have had difficulty sharing a Hookmark link to a file on an SMB NAS mounted to my macOS computers. The link only opens on the computer where it was created; on other computers it fails to open with “Could not find file in Finder”.

I can reproduce this issue with the following setup:

  • a linux machine with an SMB server
  • two macOS machines: one to create the link and the second one to open it

First I host a Samba server on the linux machine:

mkdir -p samba/dir
echo 'test' > samba/dir/test
docker run -v $(realpath samba):/myvol --rm -it -p 139:139 -p 445:445 dperson/samba -u "user;password" -s "mount;/myvol" -p

Then I mount the SMB drive on the macOS machines:

open 'smb://user@my_nas/mount'

Finally I create the link using Hookmark on one macOS machine and open it on the second:

open 'hook://file/dE9Z4oJkK?p=bW91bnQvZGly&n=test%5Fhookmark'

which gives me “Could not find file in Finder”

What could be the reason Hookmark doesn’t work in this setup?

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Welcome to Hookmark forum, @Ekaterina .

Sorry about this issue.

Could you please run the following command in Terminal on both your macs? See if it helps.

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook hfile.url.search.scope network

Thank you

Thank you for a prompt response!

I specified the defaults value, restarted Hookmark, Hookmark Finder Extension and the Finder, but the result is the same.

This is my setup:

Thank you, @Ekaterina .

Could you please try rebuilding the Spotlight index? See if it help.

Please wait until indexing is finished.
How to tell if Spotlight is indexing. - Apple Community

Thank you